Chalice Children

In a religious tradition that calls us to continually shape and refine our own beliefs, values and spirituality, religious education is a vital task.

Our Religious Education program is under the direction of Katie Reitman, Kristen McClellan, Nancy Bealer, and Rachel Carter.
Religious Education 2015/16 Schedule for the Youth of ASWUU
We are offering two classes for Religious Education this fall.  Our Chalice Children is for birth to Kindergarten.   Our Chalice Keepers are from 1st Grade to 8th grade.

The Chalice Children will be studying “Love Surrounds Us”  from the Tapestry of Faith Curriculum.  This program teaches the children the seven Unitarian Universalist principles; develop connections among love, the Principles, and the communities of home, school, faith, and the world;  Lift up Unitarian Universalism and the Principles in activities in stories; teach children skills for forgiveness, love, sharing, acceptance, caring, and peace in a loving community; explore rituals that help us focus on and celebrate UU Principles.

The Chalice Keepers will be studying the world’s major religions.  We plan to study one religion a month focusing on the uniqueness of each.  Also, our bigger kids will be in charge of leading one Sunday service per month.

September:  What is Religion?
October:  Nature Based Religions
November:  Hinduism
December:  Unitarian Universalism
January:  Christianity
February:  Secularists, Pagans, and Wicca
March: Eastern Religions (Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism)
April: Judaism
May:  Islam

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