Sally Hattig

02-05-17 11:00 AM - 02-05-17 12:00 PM
All Souls Waccamaw
All Souls Waccamaw UU Church, South Carolina 707, Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

Long time friend and member of ASW Sally Hattig speaks on “Deep Listening.”

The goal of Deep Listening is to hear beyond the words of others and yourself, to the essence of what words and feelings are pointing to.  Your mind and heart will be joined as you listen whole heartedly.  Deep Listenng is effortless once you learn its important role in communicating with others.  As Unitarian Universaists who are always wanting to improve our world, our first Principle calls us to “honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.”  This can be practiced by truly listening and this practice will certainly lead us to practice the second Principle, “compassion in human relations.”
Please join us to learn about Deep Listening and its role in communicating with others, while gaining a level of trust and understanding.

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