Hurricane Matthew

 Hi Folks!  

As we prepare for this hurricane that may or may not grace us with his presence this weekend, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind us all that ASWUU will follow common sense rules when it comes to dangerous weather.  If we are experiencing dangerous weather conditions (or its after effects), please stay home, as there will be NO SERVICE.   We love you and we want to see your faces, but we do not enjoy hosting funerals. 

Peace, Love, and Stay Safe,

President, ASWUU

Septmeber already!

It’s been a rather quiet summer, but now it’s time for us to get back into the swing of things.  I think it’s going to be a great year.
As we closed out last year, we discussed contributions to fill out our speaker fund.  After speaking with representatives of our regional UU team, we can not do it as planned.  Our proposed plan was unallowable under UUA guidelines. Any and all contributions will go into a special fund, however they cannot be earmarked for specific speakers.
In an effort to better balance my home, work, and church life I am asking that anyone who needs to talk to me about any church related business please email me at  I really do want to hear from you, but my time with my family on Sunday is about to be severely limited as my husband Michael’s work schedule will dominate the rest of the weekend.

Love and Light,
President, ASWUU

Congregational Meeting on April 24th

Friends and Members-
The ASWUU Congregational Meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 24th immediately following our regular Sunday service.  All friends are invited to attend, however only members are allowed to vote.

If you have something you would like added to our agenda, please have a proposal in writing to the board no later than Sunday April 17, 2016.  (Board email:

Please note that there is a proposal to amend Article VI (“Officers”) to amend the board from five (5) members to three (3).  Official notice will be given with the final agenda on Monday April 18th via email.

Proposed Agenda
Call to Order
Lighting of the Chalice
Responsive Reading
Meeting of the Last Congregational Minutes approval
Treasury Report
President’s Remarks
Old Business
-Summer Program
New Business
-2016-17 Budget
-Amendment to Bylaws
-election of new officers
Adjourn and Extinguish the Chalice

Thank you,
Katie Reitman
President, All Souls Waccamaw Unitarian Universalist

Vision Sunday

This past Sunday, the Board and I led the services by outlining the Church’s needs and hopes for the coming year.

A great deal of progress was made this summer through executive sessions, however, we still have a fair amount of work to put in.

Rho Anderson, our secretary, talked about our need for organization.  Due to personal and family illnesses and moving, our board had a bit of a revolving door and many things were left on the back-burner in favor of keeping the church floating.  I’d personally like to thank those members who gave of their time and effort to keep us open.  We are working hard to get us back to where we should be.

Chuck Wimberly spoke of this year’s budget.  It’s not pretty folks.  We are short approximately $4000 if we’d like to maintain our cushion of savings without dipping into investments.

Vice President Bealer spoke about getting our committees and volunteer positions filled.  The committee positions that are available are: Children’s RE, Social Action, Lay Caring, Social Events, Facilities, Membership, Pulpit, Fundraising, and Communications.  Many of our members stepped up to fill the committee positions, but we still have needs in Social Action, Lay Caring, and Communications.  Mr Bealer also mentioned bringing back adult religious education to meet before services either once or twice a month.
If you are interested in volunteering, please take a minute to print out the following form and mail it back to us (

A couple of years ago, Alex Richardson was invited to observe and talk to our fellowship about the needs of All Souls Waccamaw.  He outlined three items that needed attention.  Communication, Planning, and Socialization.  I agree.  We’re working on it.   My only additions are taking care of our members and re-committing ourselves to Social Action.

We are going to have a great year!  Our pulpit committee has lined up an amazing year of topics and speakers.  We’re moving in the right direction to support small and steady growth of our church!